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In a market characterized by an increasingly demanding customer with little time and increasingly fierce competition, the degree of impact of the goods on the shelf becomes really important for the sale.

In a few seconds a product must:

  • Grab the consumer’s attention
  • Win over the competition
  • Drive repeat purchases over time

Packaging can therefore become a useful sales aid the more it is:

  • Impactful
  • Immediately identifiable and recognizable
  • Informative
  • Economically convenient for the producer

Gruppo Fabbri offers different types of stretch film, printable with digital technology and up to 10 colors, in different formulations and thicknesses, which are defined according to individual applications.

In their printed form, with continuous printing or in register, Fabbri’s traditional (Koex, Fungustar), PE-based (PEX, Pexy) and biobased (BIOBASED STAR FILM) films represent a product of excellence that today has no rivals on the market:

  • Maximum printing quality
  • Maximum definition and sharpness of details
  • Full color intensity
  • Maximum brilliance
  • Maximum fidelity to the original sketch
  • Maximum repeatability of reprints
  • Overcomes the need for additional labels on the package

In the printed version, the film can significantly support the promotion of brands and products directly on the shelf, attracting the attention of consumers and influencing their propensity to buy.

Even the award-winning Nature Fresh compostable film, the first film for automatic packaging with Domestic and Industrial Compostability certification (European Standard EN 13432) and with Commercial Compostability certification (North American Standard ASTM D6400), can be printed in-line with certified compostable inks.

Fabbri Group produces printed film both on the basis of the customer’s design and by developing specific and customized projects for every need.

Fabbri Group’s Graphic Department is available to customers to identify the best solutions for the packaging and promotion of its products on the market.

Even in printed form, Fabbri Group’s films are fully compliant with EU regulations on materials in contact with food: the appearance and organoleptic properties of the foodstuff are preserved and enhanced by films of the highest quality.

The traceability of the product and its components is always guaranteed by the batch or production number printed on the label inside the core of the reel, on the box and on all accompanying documents.

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