Minced meat packaging

Machines and films for the complete protection and preservation of minced meat, hamburgers, cevapcici and other products

The efficiency and sustainability of a meat packaging system depends in particular on the degree of synergy that the manufacturer manages to create between the packaging machine, the packaging material and the packaging technique required, all essential elements for a good conservation of meat.

Thanks to our solid experience in the production of both machines and films for food wrapping, Fabbri Group knows in detail all the factors that play a crucial role in the packaging of fresh and highly perishable products such as meat.

We know that the appropriate choice of the packaging system and the most suitable materials is crucial in order to ensure:

  • Protection against external contamination
  • Enhancement of the product
  • Preservation of food colour and taste without alteration
  • Extension of shelf life

For this reason, Fabbri Group makes available to the customer multiple varieties of packaging machines and food films in different types and thicknesses, in order to better satisfy the individual requests related to the packaging of minced meat, Swiss, cevapi burgers and the like.

For a fast, easily manageable and economically attractive packaging, aimed at short-term consumption, Fabbri Group suggests wrapping as a packaging solution particularly suitable for:


For longer storage requests through tray-sealing packaging, instead, Fabbri Group suggests as packaging solutions particularly suitable for: