Packaging consulting

Fabbri Group offers its customers its products together with the knowledge and experience gained over the years.

The “Packaging Consultants”, who make up our Sales Force, provide customers with our know-how acquired during 70 years of activity in the sector regarding packaging machines, materials and their synergic application.

With a Marketing and Product Management Department dedicated to studying markets and solutions, Fabbri’s offer is always oriented towards the most innovative and productive packaging systems, featuring the best quality-price ratio.

Fabbri Group has also set up a technical service of Pre-Sales Engineering, which works in close contact with the Sales Force, to support the customer also from a strictly technical point of view, in order to meet their most specific needs and accompany them throughout the process of defining the purchase, identifying the best performing, sustainable and satisfactory packaging solution according to the objectives set.

Thanks to its many years of experience in the field of machinery and film production, Fabbri Group is able to propose complete packaging systems or, in the case of more specific requirements, to guide you in choosing between:

– Stretch and barrier films in various types and formulations (traditional, bio-based, compostable)

– Single wrapping and tray-sealing machines, configurable with various options available to facilitate the packaging process and maximise productivity

– Complete protective atmosphere (MAP) and/or skin packaging lines

– Digital solutions for the full integration of packaging machines equipped with weighing, pricing and labelling systems into the customer’s production lines and management system.

Fabbri can also study customised engineering solutions for non-standard or particularly complex applications, for exceptionally high production rates and for difficult working environments.

Packaging with wrapping machines

Based on the characteristics of the product to be packaged, the tray used and the “on pack” communication needs expressed by the customer, Fabbri Group proposes the most suitable wrapping machine and type of film, in its neutral or printed form, to achieve the desired productivity.

Fabbri Group also carries out all the preliminary checks relating to the configuration of the line and the preparation of the system according to the parameters of Industry 4.0. The Company can also proceed to further customise the packaging system, suggesting options and the best film range to meet the requirements of retailers, manufacturers and industry.

Packaging with traysealing machines

Based on the sample of the tray provided by the customer, the product to be packaged and the productivity required, Fabbri Group defines the various parameters of the packaging solution, such as the most suitable type of machine, the mould, the film, preparing the system according to the parameters of Industry 4.0.

Fabbri can also proceed to a more advanced customisation of the packaging system, through the addition of several optional extras, suitable to achieve the customer’s objectives.

FGInstore: the software for integrated wrapping machines with weighing-price labelling systems

FGInstore is Fabbri Group’s software that, according to the needs and characteristics of the packaging machine and the customer’s data management system, is configured to make the machine communicate with the other wrapping machines in the line and with the management system in use (both the most common on the market and the more specific ones from scale manufacturers). It guarantees the production of the correct labels, the management of production data and is able to give instructions to the machine itself.

With its InnoPakLab – Training & Demo Center, Fabbri Group is available to customers to organise dedicated demos and tests on current products or new applications upon request.

Fabbri Group is active in the European Union, UK, Switzerland and Russia with 9 highly specialised sales and technical assistance companies and in more than 80 countries worldwide with a hundred fully reliable and competent dealers.

It can thus guarantee, on a global level, a service of analysis and preventive design of the production process required by the customer, and subsequently also a fast, efficient and widespread maintenance and technical assistance service.

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