Stretch packaging (film cling or film stretch)

Gruppo Fabbri offers solutions for packaging with stretch film (cling film or stretch film) internationally recognized for decades as a market leader.

Stretch is the most economical and practical type of packaging and is widely used to wrap fresh and ultra-fresh produce, in supermarkets and industrial packaging lines around the world.

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Stretch packaging


Film wraps around the product and closes at the back of the tray


Is not required to bring the machine to welding temperature


The film can be used at minimal thicknesses and optimized for application


Compatible with traditional, bio-based or compostable films and labels and trays made of any material (cellulose, cardboard, balsa wood, rPET…)

No manpower need

With Fabbri’s stretch wrapping machines, simply place the tray on the infeed and the wrapping process takes place automatically.

Product protection

Stretch film holds the product on the tray and protects it from external contamination, preserving shelf life.

Enhances the product

Transparent, bright, transpirable, the stretch film enhances the aesthetics and freshness of the product

Advertise the product

Gruppo Fabbri’s stretch film can be printed in four colors with digital plates up to 10 colors.


The stretch film allows the product to be held, preventing it from moving inside the tray: the finished products are therefore more stable and less subject to knocks and/or damage.

Applicable in both manual and automatic modes, packaging with these films is always simple, flexible and does not require specialized operators.

By protecting and preserving food, stretch packaging is also a valid ally in the fight against food waste and contamination of any kind.

Automatic stretch wrapping machines generally do not require large investments and offer a fast wrapping process, allowing high productivity and, consequently, a rapid achievement of ROI.

Stretch film can also be printed, thus offering additional and cheaper communication possibilities compared to other solutions, such as cardboard bands, labels, etc.

Gruppo Fabbri offers films for stretch packaging, with or without tray and in both manual and automatic mode, based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PE (polyethylene), compostable and of renewable origin.

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Film Stretch

Barrier Film

Compostable films
and Biobased

Gruppo Fabbri’s range also includes stretch wrapping machines for automatic stretch wrapping, operating in perfect synergy with Gruppo Fabbri’s films but able to handle all the most common stretch films on the market and a wide range of trays without the need for format changes. They can also be easily integrated with weighing and labeling devices.

Click on the boxes below and discover the Elixa super stretch wrapping machines and FGInstore, the software for the best management and integration of wrapping machines with scales and other devices:

“Elixa” Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

Integrated Stretch Wrapping Machines “Fabbri/Bizerba”

“FGInstore Software”

The machines of the Automac industrial series represent the answer to the needs of industrial packers, hypermarkets and all the realities of the high productivity sector. These packaging machines are appreciated for their reliability even in extreme operating situations. Their excellent performance and remarkable flexibility of layout make them ideal for stretch wrapping of fresh products in trays such as: meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish and other foods such as bread, pastries and pizza. These machines, through the use of printed stretch film and equipment for the print centering, allow the customization of the printing of the film on the customer indication  with the aim of highlighting the brand and attract the attention of the consumer on the product.

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“Automac” Automatic Industrial Stretch Wrapping Machines