Red meat packaging

Complete solutions for the protection and preservation of pork, veal, beef, and other red meats

Normally for consumers, the indicator of the quality of red meat is its bright red colour. This principle is particularly valid for pork, veal, beef, and other red meats, foods for which the appearance significantly influences the propensity to purchase the final customer.

Depending on the type of food, the shelf-life required, the productivity and the cost of the package, the meat can be packed in stretch mode (winding) or tray-sealing (welding only, MAP, skin).

For a fast, easily manageable and economically attractive packaging, aimed at short-term consumption, Fabbri Group suggests wrapping as a packaging solution particularly suitable for:


As for fresh or cooked products with a request for prolonged storage, to preserve the best and maintain the presence of a bright red color as long as possible, without damaging the quality of the product, it’s essential to have the most accurate control of the oxygen concentration inside the packaging, through tray-sealers and barrier films particularly suitable.

The most suitable values of oxygen concentration for the preservation of red meat, are not the same for all types of meat, as they change according to the type of meat itself: the packaging technique and the quality of the films used for its packaging therefore determine a fundamental role for the preservation of the quality and appearance of product and for its marketability. For packaging of red meat, Fabbri Group propose as packaging solutions in tray-sealing particularly suitable: