Nature Fresh


Nature Fresh is the extensible film with home composting certification (TÜV Austria) and industrial (Consorzio Italiano Compostatori, TÜV Austria, DIN CERTCO for the Seedling brand of European Bioplastics) according to the EN 13432 standard. Being a compostable film, Nature Fresh combines its characteristic biodegradability with the properties of transparency, elasticity, breathability and mechanical strength of plastic materials. After use, it is sent to organic recycling through the flow of domestic or industrial composting, avoiding the long and expensive processes associated with the selection and recycling of post-consumer plastics and the waste of energy of undifferentiated waste.
Together with the Fabbri Hybrid wrapping machines, Nature Fresh has received the historic and prestigious “Packaging-Best Packaging Oscar” as the best technological innovation of 2020. It also received the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award 2021, the AISOM Innovation Award 2021 and, through the British customer Westaway Sausages, the UK Packaging Awards 2020. Its importance for the entire sector was also underlined by the support received by the European Union Research and Innovation Programme “Horizon 2020”.

Nature Fresh was quickly adopted by several manufacturers who used it to market millions of packages in the following applications:

  • Fruit and vegetable products such as apples, bananas, kiwis, aubergines, tomatoes
  • Meat products such as beef, pork, poultry (chicken and turkey), sheep, hamburgers and minced meat
  • Dairy products, such as hard, soft and mature cheeses

After use, upon verification of the local provisions on waste disposal, Nature Fresh can be started to organic recycling through the flow of domestic or industrial composting, avoiding long and expensive associated processes of post-consumption selection.

Nature Fresh is perfect for both automatic and manual food packaging and can be printed with compostable inks. In this way, Gruppo Fabbri responds to the increasingly urgent demand from consumers, industry and institutions for packaging materials with minimal impact on the environment.

Being a high quality compostable film, Nature Fresh combines its biodegradability characteristic with the transparency, extensibility and mechanical resistance properties of traditional films.This makes excellent film performance, which can be used in small quantities, and ensures the packaging is highly resistant to handling, both during the packaging process and at the point of sale.

Moreover, with an excellent anti fog effect and breathability performance superior to those of traditional films, Nature Fresh avoids the accumulation of moisture inside the package, to ensure the long-lasting preservation of the product and the preservation of its freshness and nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Main features

Certified compostability

On a global scale, Nature Fresh was the first bioplastic film for automatic and manual food packaging to receive the certification of domestic and industrial compostability according to UNI EN 13432 (Consorzio Italiano Compostatori, TÜV Austria, DIN CERTCO for the Seedling brand of European Bioplastics). It can therefore be thrown into the household compost bin, without generating packaging waste, or in the wet bin.

Food contact

Nature Fresh, in both neutral and printed form, complies with current legislation on materials in direct contact with all types of foods, including those with a high fat content.

Recyclability within the production cycle

Nature Fresh’s in-house recyclability is over 99%.

Transparency and luster

Thanks to its optimal optical properties, Nature Fresh preserves and enhances the freshness of the product.


Nature Fresh offers the possibility of continuous single-colour printing with certified compostable inks, thus becoming recognizable both by the consumer and in the process of automatic waste differentiation.In addition, Nature Fresh is printable with compostable inks up to 9 colors with dedicated printing process.


The high water vapour permeability of Nature Fresh ensures the best conditions of preservation and protection of packaged foods.

Savings and sustainability

Nature Fresh is particularly extensible and usable with thicknesses optimized for application, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of material.

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