Tray-sealing is a process used to package and preserve the product which, combined with a logistics adapted to the purpose, allows an optimization of production costs and a controlled spoilage over time.
A product packaged in a tray or tray-sealed container has the specific characteristics summarized in the boxes below.

Sealing packaging



Depending on the application, tray-sealed packages can be used as is or integrated with a lid.

Perfect Hold

The closure offered by the tray-sealed packaging is hermetic or “leak-proof”, to guarantee maximum hygiene and cleanliness during transport, at the point of sale and during the purchasing process.

Maximum protection

Products packaged in tray-sealed packages are protected from contamination, handling and impacts.

Maximum transparency

The “lid” films and foils for tray-sealing packaging produced by Gruppo Fabbri boast excellent transparency, making packaged foods clearly visible and attractive.

Maximum preservation

Tray-sealing packaging preserves food quality.

Maximum durability

The film and the sealed closure generate a package with high mechanical resistance for the benefit of logistics


Tray-sealed packages limit environmental impact through the use of specific materials of recycled, recyclable or compostable origin and optimized thicknesses


Tray-sealing packaging can be carried out with automatic, semi-automatic or manual tray-sealing machines, such as those offered by Gruppo Fabbri with its leading brands on the international market CAVECO, TopLid and XPEED.


Gruppo Fabbri has many varieties of food films for tray-sealing available to customers in order to better meet market demands.

Consult the data sheets of the individual films by clicking on the boxes below:

Pelid 22

PELid 22 is a co-extruded, low thickness PE or PP sealant monoextruded barrier film for packaging products in a protective atmosphere (meat, fish, cheese, ready meals, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

Pelid 37

PELid 37 is the co-extruded, single-folded barrier film with PE or PP sealant for food packaging in a protective atmosphere, also suitable for use on thermoforming machines (top).

PELid 45

PELid 45 is the coextruded, PE-sealable barrier film ideal for packaging products in a protective atmosphere, such as red meat, white meat, sausages, fish, cheese, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruit and vegetables.

Nature Lid

The certified compostable lid film for food packaging in heat sealing and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP/ATP). Contact us for more information:

Gruppo Fabbri’s range also includes numerous machines suitable for sealing or tray-sealing packaging in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes, fully operational both with Gruppo Fabbri’s films and with the most popular ones on the market.

Discover them below and click on the boxes you are interested in:

Thermoscelleuses automatiques

Thermoscelleuses semi-automatiques

Thermoscelleuses manuelles