Our Story

The story of Fabbri Group goes back to a small printing house founded in 1870 in Vignola (MO), which Ennio Fabbri took over in the 1930s and later transformed into Fabbri Arti Grafiche. With the installation of the first flexographic and rotogravure press for the printing of fruit and citrus packaging, Fabbri began to develop food packaging solutions in the 1950s, in the middle of the post-war period, when resources were particularly valuable and went “preserved without waste”.

Since then, “Expansion” and “Innovation” have always been the most suitable words to describe the history of Fabbri: thanks to the constant commitment in Research and Development and the registration of patents, over the years, Fabbri Group has succeeded in riding the wave of the strongest market trends guaranteeing its customers the best solutions in the field of packaging and food packaging.

In 1960 Ermanno Fabbri, who succeeded his father, founded Automac and launched the first machine to automatically wrap citrus fruits, with special paraffin paper. This is how the current Fabbri strategy based on the “integrated synergy” between machines and films was born to offer the market a complete food packaging system including packaging machines and consumables.

In 1963 Automac was the first to design and launch automatic machines for the use of retractable films in the packaging of books, newspapers and magazines, while Fabbri began to produce retractable films suitable for these machines. The result is a new packaging system that spreads rapidly on an international scale.

At the beginning of the 70s, Automac applied the use of PVC film for the manual wrapping of fresh food for supermarkets, a small revolution in the sector that rapidly produced a worldwide development.

The introduction of large quantities of advanced-technology automatic machines in supermarkets and packaging centres, requires more production and a perfect maintenance service with qualified technicians located in the various States. This is how they were born between the 70s and 90s Plastar S.A. and Waldys S.A. (now Gruppo Fabbri Svizzera), Automac France (now Fabbri Group France, in France), Walstar (now Fabbri Walstar, in Germany), Teixpac in Spain (now external partner of the Group) and Automac UK in the United Kingdom.

Fabbri Group started rising up within the world market for the development of innovative technologies and materials in the field of packaging, such as stretch films in PVC and PE and wrapping machines of the Elixa series, still today among the most popular and sought after models in the world for their ease of use and the savings generated in film consumption.

At the same time it continues its commitment in the wrapping sector, starting from 2010 there was a  development of wrapping machines integrated with weighing and labelling systems and new innovative films, including BIOBASED STAR FILM and Nature Fresh, the first film in the world for both manual and automatic winding to boast the certification of industrial and domestic compostability, then followed by Nature Lid (certified compostable barrier and standard “lid” film).

Since 2000 Fabbri Group has continued its commitment also in the field of tray-sealing, MAP and then also skin, registering various patents for the new Top Lid and XPEED.

In the meantime the Maintenance and After-Sales Service is becoming increasingly more important in Fabbri’s business, so much so that in 2015 it acquired Automac Service to effectively oversee the domestic market in Lazio, one of the regions in which the Italian GDO reaches among the most significant concentrations of stores.

In 2017, Fabbri Group also opened a commercial subsidiary in Moscow, Gruppo Fabbri RU, to follow more closely an important and rapidly growing business such as Russian and Russian-speaking countries.

2018 marks a turning point in the Fabbri portfolio, as machines and films are flanked by FGInstore Software, a digital solution developed internally and a high level of customization to integrate packaging machines, scales, scanners, labelling machines and other similar devices in customer lines and management systems.

Fabbri Group then decided to further expand its offer for the MAP, skin and ATP sector and proceeded, at the end of 2019, to the acquisition of CAVECO, a historic Italian company active for over 40 years with a leading position in the market of tray-sealing machines.

CAVECO had established its position on the market by specializing in the offer of extremely robust and reliable machines and complete lines since the birth of tray-sealing packaging, specializing in the packaging and dosing of fresh, pre-cooked, processed and semi-solid food products, and then reaching the peaks of the global market in fresh meat packaged in ATP and SKIN.

Fabbri Group is committed to researching and developing ever more complete and fast integrated packaging solutions and systems, with a particular focus on the eco-sustainability of products and the reduction of waste of resources.

It also oversees the global market through its 5 foreign subsidiaries and a network of nearly 100 authorized distributors and service centers, proactively responding to market demands (retail, brand owners and industry) and developing innovative and customized solutions in response to every need.