FGInstore Retail

Fginstore Retail is the software for retail stores

Fginstore is really innovative because can also be installed on existing systems: the software is able to interpret and translate data from devices such as scales and scanners, or from data management software, such as articles, prices, weighing and traceability, making them available and usable.

The different communication agents, each designed to interpret the language of the interconnected device, put the collected data into a single database, ensuring the control of data transmission and monitoring of communication processes.

The advantages and applications of Fginstore Retail are:

Data management of one or more stores

Fginstore Retail can be used in a single point of sale to manage scales and labeling machines, but also on servers, to control different points of sale: allows centralization and analysis of all data from interfaced systems. In addition, if it is not possible to access a connected device, Fginstore Retail would be able to properly manage the event.

Master Data

It is possible to transfer the information collected by Fginstore Retail (prices, ingredients, lots, etc.) in a “Master Data” file to all connected devices and, vice versa, to receive, thanks to the software, the production information (weighed etc.) from those same devices. The data contained in the Master Data can be exported in various formats (CSV, PDF…) and transmitted to a supervisory system. In case of network problems or connection to the supervision system, the data can also be copied to a USB stick (pen drive). The same operation is reversible, that is, in case of lack of network connection, the data can be imported from pen drives and then transmitted to devices connected to Fginstore Retail without stopping the activity of the point of sale.


Fginstore Retail provides the necessary controls that identify the user and avoid the theft of data.

Remote assistance

Gruppo Fabbri provides remote assistance packages.