White meat packaging

The packaging systems based on the synergy between packaging machines and food films of Fabbri Group, are perfect for packing lamb, turkey, chicken and rabbit

Like all raw meats, poultry meat (turkey, chicken), lamb meat and rabbit meat are highly perishable foods, which can, however, acquire a shelf-life more or less prolonged depending on the packaging method adopted.

The most critical aspects for the durability of the white meat, which a good packaging system must solve, are the browning and deterioration of the nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Depending on the type of food, the shelf-life required, the productivity and the cost of the package, the meat can be packed in stretch mode (winding) or tray-sealing (welding only, MAP, skin).

For a fast, easily manageable and economically attractive packaging, aimed at short-term consumption, Fabbri Group suggests wrapping as a packaging solution particularly suitable for:


With regards to fresh or cooked products with a long shelf-life requirement, however, it is essential to have the most accurate possible control of the oxygen concentration inside the packaging, through tray-sealers and barrier films specific for the packaging of white meat, Fabbri Group suggests therefore as packaging solutions in tray-sealing particularly suitable for: