Food Dispensers

Gruppo Fabbri completes its offer of solutions for food packaging with dosing units for liquid, semi-liquid or solid products of the CAVECO brand, equipped with brushless and electro pneumatic systems to ensure maximum precision.

All our dosing machines are designed to facilitate maximum ease of inspection, cleaning and sanitizing operations. With these products Gruppo Fabbri is able to create complete lines for the packaging of food designed specifically according to customer needs


The DVF feeder with vibrating channels is ideal for handling granular products, such as spices, seeds, grated cheese, etc. This feeder offers the possibility of dosing the food by scattering it over the entire area.

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The DSFM/S-C feeder handles scatter dosing of products cut into strips, cubes or granular form, such as diced vegetables or meat, cheese, grains, etc.

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The volumetric doser DV8/I+VSN is inserted in packaging systems for solid products such as diced vegetables, legumes, meat, ravioli, rice, short pasta etc..

The product is automatically loaded through the storage tank mod. VSN, while the weight is adjustable.

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The D/100-350-500-6 dosers are produced with two bushless or electropneumatic handling systems, they are volumetric dosers ideal to meet the needs of dosing various products, they are used for dosing liquid and semi-liquid products, such as water, sauces, soups, tripe, etc..

The product can be loaded in automatic mode using the optional level probes, while the optional agitator with adjustable speed guarantees its homogeneity inside the hopper so as to fully preserve its characteristics.

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The DPW feeder is suitable for dosing liquid and semi-liquid products such as steering liquids.

The product is released only in the presence of the container thanks to a specific dosing device, whose height, dosing valve and weight can be adjusted.

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The DRC extrusion feeder is ideal for non-stop or intermittent dosing of preparations and doughs for cannelloni and filled pasta.

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The DVC/12 volumetric dosing unit features mechanical loading and is ideal for dosing pasty products such as minced meat, taboulet, sauces with vegetables, diced or pasty salads (coleslaw etc.), carrots in strips, fruit salads and the like.

This dispenser can be cleaned very simply and is easily inspected.

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