Fish and sea products packaging

For more than 70 years on the market, Fabbri Group knows the most suitable techniques for packaging fish, shellfish, shellfish, seafood in full respect of food.

Fabbri Group evaluates the limits and critical aspects of the process of food deterioration, in order to choose the most suitable packaging technique to safeguard its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, extending its shelf life.

A suitable packaging can in fact extend the expiry date of a food from 2 to 5 times depending on the type of product.

A correct and effective packaging also protects and facilitates the transport and sale of food, also appreciably enhancing the appearance of the fresh product from the place of production, at the point of sale, up to the kitchen of the final customer. If correctly selected and used, therefore, packaging becomes a key driver for sales and the fight against food waste: a particularly high index risk in the case of food of marine origin.

Fish and sea products are highly perishable foods: the choice of the correct film and packaging technique will ensure its useful life, will preserve its freshness while also avoiding damage of the  product and dangerous contamination.

Sea products normally arrive on the shelves of shops, gastronomy, supermarkets and fish shops in different formats: fresh, ready to cook, cooked, ready to eat, frozen.

Packaging techniques must therefore take into account all these methods of presentation, and the packaging must perform precise functions.

For fresh and “ready to cook” seafood products, Fabbri Group offers different solutions with stretch film, particularly suitable to provide the fresh product with a high appeal and proper storage on the exhibition bench:


For those cooked and “ready to eat”, but also for the fresh ones, Fabbri Group suggests as packaging solutions particularly suitable for those in tray-sealing: