MAP food packaging

MAP packaging is a process that uses gas mixtures specifically designed to promote optimal product preservation within the package.

Compared to atmospheric air, the gas mixture that constitutes the Protective Atmosphere brings several advantages:

Naturally fresh products

With MAP packaging you can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of additives and preservatives for the benefit of the natural life and freshness of the product.

Maximum transparency

The “lid” films and foils for packaging in protective atmosphere produced by Gruppo Fabbri boast excellent transparency, making packaged foods clearly visible and attractive.

Perfect hold

The closure offered by MAP packaging is hermetic or “leak-proof”, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and cleanliness during transport, at the point of sale and during the purchasing process.

Maximum preservation

Modified atmosphere packaging preserves food quality

Extended shelf life

With the use of technical gases, extension of shelf-life, which becomes double or triple depending on the product

Maximum protection

Products packaged in MAP/ATP packages are protected from contamination, handling and impacts

Maximum durability

The film and the sealed closure generate a package with high mechanical resistance for the benefit of logistics


Tray-sealed packages limit environmental impact through the use of specific materials of recycled, recyclable or compostable origin and optimized thicknesses


The validity of a MAP package therefore depends on the composition of the protective atmosphere and its resistance over time. For this reason it is essential to contact a supplier who knows and can guarantee a perfect synergy between the packaging machine and the packaging materials used.

A correct MAP packaging, particularly suitable for fresh products such as meat, fish or pasta, must be able to guarantee the following.

The correct type of protective atmosphere

The packaging with the right gas mixture must enhance the product and preserve the colors and flavors according to its specificity

The dosage of the protective atmosphere inside the package

The packaging machine must guarantee the precision and repeatability of the packaging method established for that foodstuff

The constancy of the protective atmosphere

Thanks to the use of barrier films against the leakage of the protective atmosphere and the entry of atmospheric gases, the gas mixture must remain the same over time to ensure the useful life of the product

To guarantee a complete barrier effect against the escape of the protective atmosphere and the entry of atmospheric gases, the films used for MAP packaging are made up of several layers in different materials, since one material alone would not be able to fulfil all the functions expected of the packaging. For this reason, several coextruded or laminated polymeric materials are used, where each of them has its own precise function, depending on the customer’s needs for different types of packaging.

Discover the variety of barrier food films made available by Gruppo Fabbri to meet the demands of the market:

PELid 22

PELid 22 is a co-extruded, low thickness PE or PP sealant monoextruded barrier film for packaging products in a protective atmosphere (meat, fish, cheese, ready meals, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

PELid 37

PELid 37 is the co-extruded, single-folded barrier film with PE or PP sealant for food packaging in a protective atmosphere, also suitable for use on thermoforming machines (top).

PELid 45

PELid 45 is the coextruded, PE-sealable barrier film ideal for packaging products in a protective atmosphere, such as red meat, white meat, sausages, fish, cheese, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruit and vegetables.

Nature Lid

Nature Lid is the certified compostable lid film for food packaging in heat sealing and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP/ATP). Contact us for more information:

Gruppo Fabbri’s range also includes tray-sealers of different sizes and productivity, also suitable for modified atmosphere packaging: they provide the best results in combination with Gruppo Fabbri films, but also boast excellent performance with films from all the major manufacturers on the market.

Discover them below and click on the image for more information on each product:

Automatic tray-sealing machines
Semiautomatic tray-sealing machines
Manual tray-sealing machines