Automatic traysealing machines

Discover our automatic traysealing machines


Thanks to its particularly compact size, the Ypsilon can be used in packaging centres of all sizes, supermarkets and retail shops.

Magic 2.0

Magic 2.0 is the innovative compact tray-sealing machine that automatically recognises and packs trays of different shapes or heights without requiring a change of mould or settings.


High productivity and ease of use are the main features of TopLid, the ultra-compact automatic tray-sealer from Fabbri Group.


The machines of the Astra series are the ideal packaging solution for large-scale productions that need to close medium to large trays, even irregular ones.


The packaging machines of the Tema line have been designed for intensive use and for integration in packaging lines of medium complexity multi-head weighers and automatic loading systems.


Gamma tray-sealers meet the production needs of large companies with a high level of automation.

LC/1 od/T

The LC/1 od/T is a high-output multifunctional machine with electro-hydraulic single or dual path handling.


The STL is an automatic tray-sealing machine specifically designed for small and medium-sized packers.


DEDRA 45 and DEDRA 70 pack a wide range of foodstuffs in heat-sealed, protective atmosphere (ATP/MAP) or SKIN in pre-formed food containers with plastic film from a reel.


XPEED 1 is the entry level model among the tray-sealing machines of the “XPEED” range, designed by Gruppo Fabbri for the packaging of fresh and very fresh products with trays and “lid” film.


XPEED 3 is the most advanced model among the tray-sealing machines in the “XPEED” range, capable of achieving the highest productivity in the packaging of fresh and ultra-fresh foodstuffs with trays and lidding film.