Fabbri Group is able to offer complete and sustainable food packaging solutions for applications in stretch, protective atmosphere (MAP/ATP) and skin. Our mission is to help all productive realities to "preserve without wasting".

Thanks to its diversified experience in the development of packaging machines and films for fresh packaging, Fabbri Group offers wrapping machines, tray-sealing machines and entire lines for the packaging of solid, liquid or semi-liquid products, together with the most suitable films to ensure the protection and freshness of the food.

Fabbri Group’s solutions are also eco-sustainable at a time when factors such as safety, together with food quality, are key elements for health. Among our customers there are companies of medium and large size, along with those more niche, with several important names in the retail and industry sectors, both on a national and international scale.

Our solutions




Energy Saving

Use of film with reduced thickness

Advanced safety standard

Fabbri Group stretch food films can also be customized with four-colour printing up to 10 colors on the surface of the package, making the packaging and the product itself more visible, recognizable and attractive to the consumer.

If you already know what type of packaging is best suited to preserve and maintain the nutritional and organoleptic properties of your product, click on the box below of your interest, alternatively we invite you to visit the Applications  section of this site, where you will find the most appreciated packaging solutions by the market, for all kinds of products, including red and white meat, fish and fish products, vegetable proteins, fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, bread, gastronomy, sauces and sauces, in oil, confectionery, etc.