Solutions for e-commerce

Fabbri Group is leader in the production and sale of machines and complete lines, films and software for food packaging, has developed integrated solutions for the packaging of online stores.

The term “dark store”, “dark supermarket” or “dotcom center” refers to a retail store or distribution center that caters exclusively to online shopping. A dark store is generally a department store that can be used to facilitate a “click-and-collect” service, where a customer collects an item they ordered via the web, or as an order fulfillment platform for online sales.

Online sales are based on speed, flexibility and integration. Order preparation requires packaging machines that are easily adaptable to the different formats required, and can support demand in terms of performance and reliability. We have therefore identified the most suitable machines for packaging products in dark stores, such as:


Traysealers for MAP (modified atmosphere) and SKIN, suitable for sealing trays with heat-sealed, pressure and snap lids, meat, fish, pre-cooked foods and ready meals, even sterilized. 

Among these we point out:

Magic 2.0

can work 2 different formats at the same time without having to change the mould and automatically recognizing the…


can work up to 3 different formats without having to change mould…

Stretch film wrapping machines

The Elixa® brand identifies a series of automatic wrapping machines capable of recognizing the tray format, always wrapping different formats with the same coil. Elixa wrapping machines can be combined with the price-weighing systems of the major brands on the market. They are also available in the Elixa SPE 21 and Elixa SPC 21 versions, i.e., with an integrated weighing-labeling system.

Elixa SPE 21

Elixa SPC 21


The integration of Fginstore Software with order collection systems allows the transfer of data directly to the weigh-pricers, automating and optimizing the process (for example, quantity and maturity batches, type of traceability, etc.) with the objective of minimizing the human intervention and therefore the possibility of mistakes on such sensitive issues.

FGInstore Software