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PEXY is a high-quality, extensible polyethylene (PE) film, ideal for packaging fresh food and, in particular, high-fat products such as fresh and marinated meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, etc. In addition, this film is particularly performant event at -0° C.

Thanks to its good mechanical properties, PEXY guarantees the best packaging in terms of sealing and welding. From the point of view of optical characteristics, its transparency and brilliance guarantee an excellent appeal of the package.In addition, the “anti-fog” effect is particularly effective and allows you to enhance the characteristics of the packaged product.

The technology behind this film also allows to optimize the consumption of material, taking advantage of its extensibility characteristics: the use of a lower amount of material than the standard results in a reduced environmental impact, as well as reducing packaging costs. PEXY expresses its highest potential on automatic wrapping machines, achieving optimal results in terms of packaging quality and product savings with those produced by Fabbri Group.

Pexy characteristics


The transparency and brilliance of the PEXY film help to enhance the appearance and freshness of the product, encouraging the consumer to purchase.

Preservation and protection

PEXY optimally protects and preserves the freshness and nutritional and organoleptic properties of foods for consumer safety, thanks to the resistance of the material, which prevents any contamination from the outside.

Flexibility of use

PEXY can be used on wrapping machines of all sizes and speeds, both industrial and retail.

Environmental sustainability

Thanks to its high extensibility, PEXY can be used in reduced thicknesses, resulting in savings and greater environmental protection.

Use at low temperature

PEXY is able to withstand temperatures even below zero typical of freezing without ulceration or getting damaged. PEXY thus offers optimal protection during the storage of the product under these conditions without suffering "cold burns".

High mechanical resistance

PEXY excellently absorbs the effects of puncture: it is therefore ideal for packaging crustaceans and other foods with pointed parts.


PEXY has obtained from the Dual System Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmbH* evidence of recyclability with the maximum score envisaged by the method itself.

*The evidence was obtained through the “Made For Recycling” evaluation method validated by the Fraunhofer IVV Institute and tests carried out at the centre of competence for plastics recycling of environmental services provider Interseroh in Maribor (Slovenia), a reference on the international scene.

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