Solutions for the industry

Food packaging in the industrial sector is closely linked to the needs of production optimization and to the demand for high quality packaging production and safety for any type of needs, protecting and enhancing the product to prevent it from becoming waste in advance. Food production and packaging centres thus make it possible to increase production efficiency, cut distribution costs and, above all, reduce food waste.

Packaging with stretch film

Fabbri Group offers high productivity solutions for packaging with stretch film: our industrial machines are appreciated for their reliability even in extreme operating conditions. Their excellent performance and layout flexibility make them ideal for extensible packaging of fresh products in trays, such as meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish and other foods such as bread, pizzas, buns and pastry products. These packaging machines allow the use of films with custom printing according to customer needs: Fabbri Group offers this service using machines for printing stretch film and centering printing, with the aim of highlighting the brand of the customer and attracting the attention of consumers on the product.


For small and medium-sized industries, Fabbri Group has designed the “Elixa” solutions in both standard and integrated versions with weight-pricing-labelling systems, which take advantage of the single reel and automatic tray recognition to provide a compact layout and continuous productivity, without format changes. In addition, the use of an integrated packaging and labelling system makes it possible to meet the demands of retailers, thanks to variable weight labelling, and industry, thanks to fixed-weight labelling and weight-band labelling control.


Food manufacturers are also looking for new methods to extend the shelf life of products, without altering the physical or chemical properties of foods and without adding non-natural ingredients. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packaging) with tray-sealing machines is the ideal way to achieve this goal.

Fabbri Group has a line of packaging solutions in tray-sealing, with or without MAP, specific for application. The experience acquired in various sectors is essential to propose complete lines, which include the feeding and especially the dosage of the product in the container.