Wrapping machines Elixa® Libra

The “Elixa Libra” brand identifies fully automatic, integrated and highly reliable wrapping-weight-labeling machines, particularly suitable for in-store applications and small to medium-sized packaging centers.

Elixa Libra wrapping machines are easily configurable for label creation, bar coding, weighing and integrated data management in the customer’s system and are available in different versions: with top labeller, with top and bottom labeller, with direct thermal printing or thermal transfer labeller.

In combination with FGInstore software, you can build a custom user interface and integrate the machine into existing systems: FGInstore actually collects all production data, making it available, readable and usable as needed.

In addition, FGInstore’s communication tools, each designed to read the language of the interconnected device, transfer data into a single database, also providing control of data transmission and monitoring of communication protocols.

Elixa 24 LIBRA

The fully integrated packaging and labelling solution specifically designed for the retail and food industry.

Elixa 35 LIBRA

Of the Elixa Libra automatic stretch wrappers, the Elixa 35 Libra is the best performing model in terms of speed (35 ppm).

Elixa 30L LIBRA

Elixa 30L Libra is the model dedicated to the packaging of large and family size trays.