Cheese Packaging

Thanks to the innovative technologies used, Fabbri Group guarantees the best results also in the packaging of cheeses and dairy products

The variety of cheeses on the market is very high and, depending on their composition and consistency, the length of their shelf life can also change. An experienced producer will be able to advise on the most suitable method and packaging system to protect and preserve the freshness and nutritional and organoleptic properties of each type of product.

The cheeses can be hard, soft or blue. For hard cheese, the limiting factor of shelf-life is mold.

For soft cheeses, the shelf-life is affected by the high activity value of the water and by the presence of deterioration processes, also here mainly carried out by moulds, yeasts and bacteria. For blue cheeses, finally, it will be necessary to calculate the atmosphere present in the package, in order to preserve the moulds already present in the product.

When choosing a food packaging for products such as cheese, it is necessary to consider the factors that influence its consistency, perishability and freshness. To define the best packaging solution, you must find the best packaging performance that includes the use of dedicated films and machines.

Fabbri Group can guarantee customers the certainty of a fresh, safe and high quality product by packaging both stretch, both in a protective atmosphere: