Fungustar is an extensible (stretch) double-layer PVC-based film, specially developed for automatic or manual packaging of fresh mushrooms. Its exclusive formulation allows to enhance its quality, preserve its natural freshness and reduce the possible effect of darkening the product.

PVC is the standard in the packaging of fresh food, thanks to its ease of use, the optimal value for money and the excellent mechanical properties, which ensure excellent resistance to handling. The optical properties of transparency and brilliance of Fungustar, combined with an excellent anti fog effect with outstanding breathable properties, ensure the best aesthetics of the packaging and the preservation of the product.

Its excellent mechanical characteristics ensure excellent resistance in handling and high ironing performance. Thanks to this last aspect, it is possible to minimize the amount of product used per package, with economic savings and a lower environmental impact. Fungustar is a printable film up to 10 colors, allowing the customer to customize and enhance their shelf product.

Fungustar features

Transpiration and antifog

Thanks to the permeability and the innovative formulation of the material, the breathability of Fungustar allows a better storage of packed mushrooms and a reduction of the possible browning effect of the product. In addition, the antifog properties allow it to counteract condensation while keeping the aesthetics of the package intact.

Transparency and luster

With Fungustar the visibility of the product is immediate and optimal: the qualities and presentation of the mushrooms are enhanced by its optical characteristics of brilliance and transparency.

Maximum elasticity

This feature of Fungustar allows you to keep the film tight around the product. Thanks to the memory effect, the package maintains its excellent presentation for a long time, even after several manipulations.

Tear strength

Fungustar is characterized by a great tear resistance, ensuring the integrity and aesthetics of the packaging and preventing any contamination from the outside

Perfect thickness and quality characteristics

The characteristics of Fungustar production process, a double layer film, by means of fully automated lines, allow to obtain a regular film thickness and a constant production, ensuring extremely high film performance on high-speed packaging lines.

Perfect machinability

Thanks to Fabbri Group’s historical experience in the production of both packaging machines and food films, the ideal combination of Koex is on Fabbri automatic stretch machines, particularly suitable for backstore supermarkets and industrial lines of food processors. However, Fungustar achieves optimal results even on all the most common packaging machines on the market.

Wide range of solutions

Fungustar is available in different formulations and thicknesses depending on the products for which it is intended: this allows Fabbri Group to propose the best packaging solution for each product.

Food contact

Fungustar is approved for food contact in accordance with current legislation.

Four-colour flexographic print and dedicated graphic line

Fungustar can be printed by means of a four-colour flexographic printing process with up to 10 colours using digital plates. For each type of product our designers are able to design a graphic line with purpose of enhancing the image of the packaged food, processing, creating and renewing the required graphic layouts on a regular basis. The use of colour graphics and special images allows to obtain a more specific identification of the product and its distributor or producer, differentiating the products from each other and thus facilitating the choice of the consumer.

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