Packaging solutions

Thanks to its historical experience in the development of packaging machines and films for fresh food packaging, with the continuous commitment to Research and Development and the constant attention to new market trends, Gruppo Fabbri is able to offer complete and sustainable food packaging solutions, both for stretch applications and for applications in protective atmosphere (MAP or ATP) and skin.

We offer wrapping machines, tray-sealing machines and entire lines, including dosers, unstackers and various other accessories perfect for packaging solid, liquid or semi-liquid food products, together with the most suitable films to ensure the protection and freshness of the food.

In the Applications section you will find many useful proposals for the packaging of various products, such as, among others, red and white meat, fish and seafood products, vegetable proteins, fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, baked goods, gastronomy, sauces, pickles, and sweets.

If you already know what type of packaging is best suited to preserve and maintain the nutritional and organoleptic properties of your product, click on the box below of your interest.

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Modified atmosphere (MAP/ATP)