FGInstore GreenGrocer

Fginstore Greengrocer is the software intended for fruit and vegetable packers.

In combination with an integrated wrapping machine, this module can provide a turnkey system for the execution of operations of:

  • Wrapping
  • Weighing
  • Labelling
  • Data management

FGINSTORE GreenGrocer is a simple and performing software, characterized by:

Configurable user-friendly interface

The GreenGrocer Fginstore operator interface is simple, with large buttons to insert the PLU by typing digits, selection from the PLU list or by text search. It is It can be configured on request: price, tare, number of items, category and country of origin can be modified by the panel. The interface can be configured with visible or hidden buttons and editable or blocked values. If present, you can also select the top or bottom applicator for the same label.

Label data configurable

Label data can be configured from the packaging machine panel or PC desktop as follows:

  • Main Product Description
  • Secondary Product Description (e.g. variety, Latin name etc.)
  • Category
  • Calibre
  • Country of origin

Depending on the presence of the applicator, the label can be applied at the top or bottom.

Data management and processing operations

  • Web application for managing articles, price, etc.
  • XLS file import
  • Production report (weights, lots, etc.)
  • 2 or more label layout (sale by item, sale by weight)