FGInstore Software

FGInstore is the software capable of interpreting and translating data from devices, such as scales and scanners, or from data management software, such as articles, prices, weights and traceability, making them available and usable for subsequent operations. FGInstore collects all the data and makes it available and readable and therefore usable as needed.

Communication tools, each designed to read the language of the interconnected device, transfer data to a single database, also ensuring data transmission control and monitoring of communication protocols.

FGInstore has a simple and intuitive interface and above all customizable: it consists of modules to be adapted to different needs, each module can be customized and designed to measure, modules and extra features can be added later.

FGInstore has been designed to meet the needs of supermarkets and producers of all sizes, thanks to the following basic features:


The operator interface is customizable, as it is custom made. This has the dual purpose of supporting the user and adapting to the type of operation carried out: for example, grouping the PLU by category or type will speed up the selection of the PLU itself.


FGInstore can be installed in stages, from the basic modules dedicated to a single weight-labeling machine, up to server systems in stores or chain stores. This facilitates its adoption and introduction into the customer’s system and lines.


FGInstore is available in three different modules:

FGInstore GreenGrocer

FGInstore Grocer

FGInstore Retail