Fabbri Group

About us

Fabbri Group is a leading international industrial company in the production and sale of machinery, film and software for food packaging, active on the market for about 70 years. It has 4 production units: 3 in Italy, 1 in Switzerland, and 9 direct technical and commercial assistance offices in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia).

With almost 500 employees, more than 130 patents granted in several countries around the world and from 3 to 5% of the annual turnover invested in Research and Development, Fabbri Group has always pursued the same objective: to be a partner of its customers in finding, by closely cooperating with them, the most suitable and effective packaging systems to preserve food and avoid waste. 

Traditional, biobased, compostable film extrusion plants
Machines installed on a global scale


Complete Solutions

Fabbri Group is known for its constant attention to the emerging needs of the market and develops solutions for fresh and retail processors that cover all food sectors (meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, gastronomy, vegetable proteins).

The only company in the world able to combine high skills both in machinery and in film, Fabbri Group provides complete packaging systems, based on a perfect and cutting-edge synergy between machines, films and software.

Furthermore, it is able to effectively solve every packaging issues and to propose innovative solutions based on the most advanced technologies, thus responding to the most stringent demands of an industry in continuous evolution.

Fabbri Group offers its customers the following services:

Packaging Consulting

Complete packaging solutions according to the customer’s performance and production needs

Customer Service and logistics

Order status information, sales, logistics and customs assistance

Technical Assistance

Periodic and extraordinary maintenance, local and remote assistance, spare parts supply

Printed Film Graphic Service

Adaptations or complete graphic studies for film printing projects

Fabbri InnoPakLab

Exhibitions, tests and demonstrations at the innovative Fabbri Training & Demo Center

Fabbri Academy

Commercial and technical training and update courses

Active in more than 90 countries worldwide, also thanks to a hundred highly qualified dealerships, Fabbri Group is perfectly integrated into the distribution chain and stands out for its deep knowledge of the food market and its proactive attention to customer needs.

Our Network


4 production sites,
of which 3 in Italy and 1 in Switzerland


Up to 5% of annual turnover
invested in R&D


9 technical and commercial assistance offices
in Italy and abroad


25 extrusion plants for production
of stretch and barrier food films (MAP/ATP)


More than 70 years of experience
in the food packaging market


Sales and service activities
in more than 90 countries worldwide


A hundred dealers and service centres
globally authorised


More than 130 patents currently recognised


500 staff members involved