Packaging of fruits and vegetables

Each variety of fruits and vegetables has different packaging requirements. Fabbri Group offers various types of packaging to ensure the preservation of the product.

Fabbri Group is able to advise  customers on the best solution for the food packaging of fruits and vegetables. We offer different films and packaging machines according to the specific needs related to the type of fruit and vegetables to be packed. The materials used by Fabbri Group are always a sustainable packaging because they are used in the smallest possible thicknesses in order to guarantee the best conservation status of the product, leaving unchanged and preserving its organoleptic and nutritional properties as long as possible.

Fabbri Group stretch films can also be printed:  in this way the packaging takes the protective value of the product and also an informative function. In the case of compostable film, it also informs consumers on how to properly manage the end-of-life of packaging.

Discover our machines and films for fruit and vegetable packaging.

Packaging Machines

A big portfolio of packaging machines and optional for your packaging in stretch, heat sealing, MAP, skin, seaming

Films and foils

All stretch films and barrier films that are sustainable and suitable to preserve and protect your products