Solutions for retail

Fabbri Group provides various solutions for packaging and labelling in supermarkets, for the fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, gastronomy and bakery products, where the offer of weighed and labelled food helps to reduce the timing and to optimize the waiting times of customers.

In the retail sector, food packaging is a time-consuming business, space and resources: for this reason the choice of an integrated tool to perform all operations with a single machine and with a single operator greatly simplifies the process, optimizes the time needed and allows employees to focus more on the customer. Food packaging operations are usually carried out at the back of the store and include:





Fabbri Group offers packaging systems with stretch film, to present to the public fresh products already weighed, packaged and labelled:

Automatic and compact stretch wrapping machines for point-of-sale packaging, working with films of a single band, regardless of the size of the tray, and integrable with the most known weight-pricing systems, to provide a complete and integrated solution.


Medium-high productivity solutions such as Automac Dual, Automac Industrial, Automac Ultra, Automac 40, Automac 55 Più, Automac 75 and Automac 95 are available for retail outlets with higher production volumes and can be equipped with two reels to produce with more efficient continuity or to use different types of films.

Wrapping machines Elixa

Integrated wrapping machines “Fabbri/Bizerba”

Wrapping machines Automac

Film / Lari Trio e Magic 2.0

The possibility of reaching a longer food shelf-life through the packaging process is increasingly recognized as a requirement, especially in today’s market. The advantage for the store is obvious: by keeping a stability in terms of food quality, it can better manage production and reduce waste. Hence, the achievement of this goal is also an advantage for final consumers, who can better manage purchases, without having to consume the purchased products in the short term.

Fabbri Group has therefore developed solutions for tray-sealing packaging, typically used in gastronomy departments, and for protective atmosphere packaging (MAP), capable of producing a package that considerably increases the shelf-life of the food product and typically used in meat, fish and vegetable protein departments: Tray-sealers with or without modified atmosphere, with specially developed solutions to avoid mould change.



Magic 2.0

Film Stretch

Barrier Films

Film Biobased e compostabile


In the retail sector, software is also a fundamental element: it is essential to have a computer system to manage the items sold, from their entry into the branch, to the sale. The system must be able to support all activities related to batch management (weighing, traceability), the sale of articles (identification, class of belonging), interfacing with weighing systems and with the software for the management of articles (prices, offers, receipts) already existing.

FGINSTORE Software is the solution offered by Fabbri Group for the easy integration within the points of sale with pre-defined systems. The software is customizable and can be extended through customized and dedicated features, such as:

Customized configuration of the operator panel: the user panel can be customized, by grouping the categories of articles or creating rules and constraints for traceability, deadlines or other.

Data exchange (direct access to databases, data exchange files) with software to manage the characteristics of the items (prices, discounts, etc.) or their traceability.

Data exchange with existing weight-pricing systems

Fginstore Software can therefore be used on different levels, more or less pushed, from the simple customization of the user interface  to the centralized management of the store.

Software for the exchange of data from devices such as scales, scanners, digital labelmakers or data management software such as traceability or product.

FGInstore Software