Fabbri Academy

By Fabbri Academy, Gruppo Fabbri provides individual courses and multi-session training programs on the use, repair and sale of its machines. A training program, expressly dedicated to the technical and commercial staff of customers and dealers and can also be customized according to the specific requests and needs of each.

The courses can be organized either at the customer’s premises, or at the innovative Fabbri InnoPakLab, the new dedicated space at the Gruppo Fabbri Vignola headquarters.

Multilingual instructors with a solid commercial and technical background will explain all the advantages and benefits of our machines, their synergies with Fabbri films and will show you how to use them and keep them in the best possible condition in order to minimize ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Classes can be attended in person or by multimedia connection, depending on individual situations , even on weekends if necessary.

Technical training for production operators

With Fabbri Academy we offer theoretical and practical training programs for operators in manufacturing plants and retail, focusing on :

  • Machine operation
  • Setting packaging programs
  • Main maintenance operations for maximum efficiency of the packaging machine 
  • Correct interpretation of machine messages and correct management of communication with the assistance service. 

Like this the production can continue without interruptions or unnecessary stops, as machine downtime is reduced to a minimum.

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Technical training for maintainers

This training is intended  for technical personnel at authorized dealers and service centers and includes:

  • Illustration of the mechanical and electrical operation of the machines
  • The secrets of preventive machine maintenance
  • Practical training to solve the most common problems
  • Practical training on machine repair
  • How to make the most of the Gruppo Fabbri machine-film synergy

At the end of the training, a test will be carried out and, only if successful, participants will be issued the special certification “Fabbri Academy” as proof of attendance and success of the course.

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Commercial training

These courses are aimed at the commercial training of the sales staff at the dealers and official “Gruppo Fabbri” service centers and offer:

  • Correct identification of the packaging machine closest to the customer’s requests and needs
  • Illustration of the advantages of Fabbri machines
  • Illustration of the possible synergies between Gruppo Fabbri machines and films, depending on the application adopted by the customer
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the various models

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