Complete lines

Fabbri Group provides customized lines for preparing and packaging various types of pasta and ready meals, hamburgers, fruit and vegetables, solid and semi-solid dairy products, olives and vegetables in oil, sauces, pizzas and focaccias and buns, desserts and sweets.

In addition to automatic industrial tray-sealers of various sizes and speeds, our lines, under the CAVECO brand, can be equipped with automatic systems for tray unstacking, feeding, dosing, loading, product forming and filling etc.

To complete the packaging system, we are also able to supply the classical components of the end of the line, such as weighing-pricing machines, labelling machines, etc.. Our lines are able to handle supports such as trays,  and skinpads in all the most new ecological materials for packaging.

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Desserts and sweet lines

Burger lines

Lasagna and cannelloni lines

Olives and pickled vegetables lines

Pasta and ready meals lines

Pizza e focaccia lines

Dairy products lines

Fruit and vegetable product lines

Sauces and gravies lines