Seaming aluminum containers

Seaming is used to close aluminum containers with preprinted, precut lids: the edge of the tray is folded over the lid with a "G" or "L" crimping closure, like a beading folded over itself.

Thanks to the malleability of the material, trays of this format can be folded and therefore used several times.

Moreover, since they are made of aluminum, which is a material resistant to high temperatures, our trays can be placed directly in the oven.

Container features:


The packaging can be resealed and reused

Flame and high temperature resistant

Packaging resists flames and high temperatures

 Usable in traditional oven

The product can be heated in a conventional oven

Suitable for use in warmers

The product can be placed in the chafing dish

Gruppo Fabbri’s range includes the following machines suitable for seaming packaging: discover them by clicking on the corresponding boxes