Trio is the compact semi-automatic tray-sealing machine with 3 moulds on board the machine, highly appreciated by the retail sector. It was designed by our production branch CAVECO, with more than 40 years of experience in the traysealer sector, to meet the production requirements of supermarkets, where mainly three formats are used.

Trio stands out for its extreme flexibility and operational simplicity: in fact, it is able to pack trays with different formats automatically without the need to change the recipe or the machine settings.

Operation is also facilitated by the convenient and intuitive 7″ touch-screen.

Trio is suitable for the packaging of solid food products of all kinds (meat, fish, dairy products, daily meals, gastronomic products, etc.) in plastic trays, barrier-coated polystyrene, cardboard and all the most up-to-date sustainable materials, with heat-sealing, modified atmosphere (MAP or ATP) and skin (with or without product protrusion).

The machine is made entirely of AISI 304° stainless steel and treated aluminium and meets all the cleaning and hygiene requirements of the food industry.

The machine is very easy to use: the operator inserts the trays in the dedicated trolley, moves it under the mould and waits for the MAP or skin packaging to be carried out. Then he can withdraw the trolley and take out the packs.

Try Trio in MAP packaging or only sealing with the following Fabbri Group films:

Pelid 22

PELid 22 is a co-extruded, low thickness PE or PP sealant monoextruded barrier film for packaging products in a protective atmosphere (meat, fish, cheese, ready meals, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

Pelid 37

PELid 37 is the co-extruded, single-folded barrier film with PE or PP sealant for food packaging in a protective atmosphere, also suitable for use on thermoforming machines (top).

PELid 45

PELid 45 is the coextruded, PE-sealable barrier film ideal for packaging products in a protective atmosphere, such as red meat, white meat, sausages, fish, cheese, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruit and vegetables.