Packaging lines for hamburgers, minced meat, cevapcici

The CAVECO automatic line for the packaging of hamburgers, minced meat, cevapcici and other similar products in tray-sealing, MAP (modified or protective atmosphere) or SKIN (trays, flat sheet) is composed of:

We are also able to supply a completion of this packaging solution for hamburgers and minced meat with the classical components of the end of the line, such as weight-pricing machine, labelling machine, etc.

The advantage of an automatic line is that it makes it possible to optimize the number of dedicated operators, whereas a production line consisting of the heat sealer alone would necessarily use several people per shift to achieve the same productivity.

The de-stacker places the trays individually on the machine feed line. The transport system collects the minced portions from the portioning machine, in the same way it conveys the hamburgers or cevapcici towards the dosing machine. The doser is composed of a system of belts that places the portions in the trays arriving from the destacker.

Like the others, this line is able to manage trays and tubs in all the most new ecological packaging materials.

To complete the offer, Gruppo Fabbri also provides barrier films for tray-sealing or MAP packaging, assistance during installation, both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service and spare parts.

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