Elixa 35


Among the Elixa® automatic stretch wrapping machines, Elixa 35 is the most performing model in terms of speed (35 ppm). Like all the machines in the range, Elixa 35 is a compact stretch wrapper, specifically developed by Gruppo Fabbri for particularly small working spaces and for the back of the store. Elixa 35 can wrap any food compatible with stretch film and technology. It uses neutral or printed films with continuous printing, thus offering more opportunities for communication and branding on the pack. It provides the best results in combination with Gruppo Fabbri stretch films, but can also boast excellent performance with food films of all major manufacturers on the market, achieving an unparalleled pack appearance.

Elixa 35 also guarantees perfect packaging with any type of tray:

  • Can use trays in expanded polystyrene, rigid, vegetable or compostable materials
  • Can use rectangular trays, with rounded edges, high, low…
  • Can use trays in any color or even transparent
  • Can use small trays such as catering or even larger ones

The product is packaged with particular attention to the sealing in the lower part of the tray: the sealing tape at the outlet is designed to optimize the sealing of the film without overheating either the tray or the product.

Elixa 35 characteristics


Elixa 35 reaches a maximum speed of 35 ppm, making it one of the ideal solutions for in-store applications.

Operation "Plug & Pack"

The operation of Elixa 35 is extremely simple and intuitive and requires no specific training. The wrapping machine is delivered ready to use, doesn’t require pre-start operations and is easy to use even for operators without previous experience in the role.

Automatic detection of the tray

In all Elixa® series machines, tray recognition is automatic and doesn’t require operator intervention.

Unique coil band

Thanks to Elixa® super-stretch technology, Elixa 35 can wrap products of any size using film with a single band size (280 mm). In fact, the machine automatically recognizes the size of the product and, keeping the width stable, determines the length of the film necessary for optimal wrapping, thus ensuring savings in materials and a lower impact on the environment.

Reel change in less than 30"

With Elixa 35 , the reel changeover takes place in less than 30" and is easy, without the need for any specific equipment. In addition to the configuration of the wrapping machine, the reduced weight of the stretch film reels produced by Gruppo Fabbri, which always have an optimized thickness-performance ratio with consequent savings and advantages for the environment, further facilitates the replacement.

Maximum safety for the operator

Elixa 35 complies with EU Directive 2006/42/EC, as certified by the independent certification body TÜV SÜD. The machine has smooth lines, without sharp corners or edges, while moving, hot or sharp parts are protected by safety devices that cannot be circumvented.

Stand by-programmable and minimal consumption

The stand-by programming of Elixa 35 allows to customize the deactivation of the machine according to production needs and modes, minimizing consumption and impact on the environment. Furthermore, it doesn’t require or use compressed air.


With a frontal configuration and a footprint of about 1 m2, Elixa 35 can fit into any work environment, optimizing available space.

Maximum integrability

Elixa 35 can be completed with the main manual and automatic weighing-pricing devices available on the market, keeping its overall dimensions almost unchanged. Moreover, thanks to a wide range of optional extras, it can be easily adapted to the customer's specific needs

One supplier for the entire packaging system

Elixa 35 is part of a totally integrated solution provided by Gruppo Fabbri, a single partner for machines, software, films, technical assistance and spare parts.

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