Festambiente 2023 (Legambiente)
Loc. Enaoli Rispescia (GR)
Circular Economy Pavilion

Fabbri Group is pleased to announce its support and presence as an exhibiting partner at Festambiente 2023, the Grosseto ecofestival open to the general public of all ages, organized and promoted by Legambiente and officially certified by Ecoevents.

Culture, cinema, exhibitions, entertainment and workshops for children, meetings and insights, all dedicated to Environmental Sustainability in all its facets.

For more than 70 years, our mission has been preserve without waste: recognizing and protecting the value of food, Fabbri Group is committed on a daily basis to protecting its freshness and fighting waste by offering food packaging machines and films in all the materials required by the market at optimized thicknesses and extensibility. Among them, also represented at Festambiente, is Nature Fresh, the biodegradable film with various certifications of both domestic and industrial compostability.

More than 15 billion foods are packaged each year thanks to Fabbri Group’s solutions.

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