Gruppo Fabbri Vignola is pleased to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Mr. Stefano Pellegatta, in office with full powers from December 2022.

Renewal and Speed are the key words that will characterise his new management: “Today, the secret of business is knowing how to anticipate change. With its dual production of packaging machines and food films, Fabbri Group has the good fortune and the pride of being able to control the entire production process, with wide margins for experimentation and development. We have all the credentials to become a recognised excellence in the world of packaging beyond Italian and European borders. The uniqueness of our business can and must be taken to the highest level of development” explains the new CEO.

Former General Manager of Zeus Packaging, Mr. Pellegatta has solid experience in strategic and organisational management, sales development, resource management, and operations.

This is why the shareholders of the Argos Wityu Group considered the choice of the new CEO as the most suitable one to ensure the strengthening and further growth of Fabbri in the global market.

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