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Nature Fresh is the new compostable film developed by Fabbri Group to respond to the increasingly urgent demand from consumers, the industry and institutions, for packaging materials with minimal impact on the environment. Being a compostable film, Nature Fresh combines its biodegradability characteristics with the properties of transparency, elasticity, breathability and mechanical strength of plastic materials. After use it is sent for organic recycling through the flow of domestic or industrial composting, avoiding the long and costly processes associated with the selection and recycling of post-consumption plastics as well as the waste-to-energy treatment of undifferentiated waste.


Main features
Certified compostabilityAccording to the UNI EN 13432 Standard and the national standards for domestic compostability, Nature Fresh is certified as suitable for both the home and the industrial one, as denoted by the 3 certifications OK COMPOST HOME (max. thickness 20 μm) and OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL (max. thickness 25 μm), issued by TÜV Austria, and SEEDLING (European Bioplastics), issued by DIN CERTCO (max. thickness 25 μm).
ShineThanks to its transparency features, Nature Fresh enhances the freshness of your product.
BreathabilityIts high permeability to water vapor allows Nature Fresh a better preservation of the packaged product.
ReciclabilityNature Fresh is suitable for organic recycling in accordance with amendment 2018/852 of Directive 94/52/EC on Packaging and Packaging Waste. The recyclability within its production cycle is also currently >99%.
Suitability for direct food contactNature Fresh complies with the current legislation concerning materials in direct contact with all types of food, including those with a high fat content.
Automatic wrappingContact your sales representative for more information on automatic wrapping!
Nature Fresh, Film - Gruppo Fabbri
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choices for automatic packaging
configurations available
to 25 μm thickness for automatic packaging
or 111 mm inner core
m cutter-boxes roll length
m automatic and hand-wrapping rolls length
m jumbo rolls length
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