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Next Generation means:
• Safety first: functionality and design excellence to operate safely
• Next generation electronics: advanced technology for maximum durability and reliability
• Reduced power consumption: more efficiency, less costs, more green!

Elixa 35, automatic stretch packager with Elixa technology of the last generation, particularly suitable for medium to large-sized packaging centres and retail outlets, differs from previous series by achieving higher targets in terms of safety, technology and economy.
The additional photocells added at the feed entrance, the next-generation microswitches designed to prevent tampering, the innovative design of the discharge which prevents any access to the moving parts, the gas springs for the opening of the upper casing,
the transparent reinforced dome...they all ensure users to operate in complete safety. The next generation electronics featured in Elixa 35 ensures maximum durability and reliability of the machine even in problematic environments.
Thanks to the sealing belt on the outlet tray equipped with smart stand-by mode and to the new outfeed, Elixa 35 can reduce energy consumption and heat dissipation saving up to 50% compared to previous series (Elixa Mega).
Elixa 35 complies with the Community Directive 2006/42/EC, as attested by the independent certifying body TÜV SÜD.
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Main characteristics
Safety firstEach part of Elixa 35L was designed in compliance with the strictest safety regulations: the machine has no sharp edges and the elegant rounded aluminium sides minimise the consequences of accidental impact.
SpeedElixa 35 reaches a speed of 35 ppm
Automatic readingElixa 35 does not require any operator intervention in cases of format change, which makes it particularly fast and suitable to meet production deadlines of packaging centres and retail points of medium and large size
Super-stretch technologyThanks to the Elixa technology, Elixa 35 uses one width films (280 mm) regardless of the size of the product, allowing a saving of film up to 20% compared to traditional packaging machines.
CompactnessWith a footprint lower than 2 m2, Elixa 35 manages to fit into any work environment, optimizing the available space.
Maximum integrationElixa 35 can be integrated optimally with the major automatic weigh-price labelling systems available on the market, keeping volume and footprint virtually unchanged.
VersatilityWith a wide choice of options, Elixa 35 can be easily customized according to customer requirements.
SimplicityCharacterized by an extremely intuitive and easy to remember operation, Elixa 35 simplifies the turnover of employees. It only takes 30” to change the reel: an error-proof, simple operation!
Proper professional packaging The synergy between the new Elixa series machines and food-grade films produced by Gruppo Fabbri Vignola allows the realities operating in food packaging achieving maximum results with minimum investment. Elixa 35 can use neutral super-stretch film or continuously printed film which seals on the lower part of the tray thanks to the efficiency of the sealing belt.
Plug ‘n’ Pack modeElixa 35 is powered by 230 V without any need for compressed air.
Energy savingWith a new advanced software, Elixa 35 is able to manage its own ignition timing in on/off mode, thus optimising consumption and offering energy savings of up to 50% compared to the previous model (Elixa Mega). .
Maximum speed: up to 35 packages a minute.
Minimum tray format: 120 x 100 x 10* (L x W x H).
*It is not possible to achieve the three maximum dimensions of the tray at the same time
Maximum tray format: 340 x 230 x 160* (L x W x H).
*It is not possible to achieve the three maximum dimensions of the tray at the same time
Reel width: 280 mm (one width).
Optional features from the list.
Reel change time 30”.
Machine weight: 240 kg.
Supply voltage: 230 V mono-phase
Elixa 35, dettagli - Gruppo Fabbri Elixa 35, disegni tecnici - Gruppo Fabbri Elixa 35, dettagli - Gruppo Fabbri