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Through Fabbri Group new line of Elixa LIBRA wrappers, the Elixa packaging technology, traditionally based on a single reel width (280 mm) for all tray sizes and a 1.5 m2 footprint, is now completed with on board weigh-price-labelling solutions for top and bottom labels.

Originating from the historical experience of Gruppo Fabbri and a close collaboration with Espera, Elixa 35 Libra is particularly recommended for in-store packaging applications and small to medium sized packaging centers. It fulfills all today’s requirements for label configuration and barcoding, weighing and data management integration into the customer’s backoffice and caters to any need for space and performance.

Fabbri Group provides exclusive and comprehensive support for the complete installation, integration and service management of Elixa 35 Libra, together with a quick and efficient technical assistance thanks to a team of qualified and multilingual professionals across the globe.
Elixa 35 complies with the Community Directive 2006/42/EC, as attested by the independent certifying body TÜV SÜD.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about it!

PerformanceUp to 35 ppm (wrap only)
DirectionLeft to right
Operating modeWrap and label, Wrap only, Label only
Label positionTop & Bottom
Display15” TFT colour touch screen
InterfacesUSB, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS 232, Parallel
Power source230 V, 50/60 Hz
Film typeStretch PVC or PE film
Film width280 mm
Core diameter111 mm, 76 mm
Min. pack size120 x 100 x 10 mm (L x W x H)
Max. pack size340 x 230 x 160* mm (L x W x H)
*(L x W x H - All 3 max. tray sizes cannot be achieved simultaneously)
Scale capacityMax. 6 kg
Scale intervale = 2 g
Labeller1 top labeller, 1 bottom labeller
Label positionConfigurable also from monitor software
Min. label size37 x 30 mm
Max. label size104 x 170 mm (sup.), 104 x 150 mm (inf.)
Label reel core76 mm
Max label reel outside diameter210 mm max.
Max print. speed250 mm/s (Top); 175 mm/s (Bottom)
Max print width104 mm (4 pollici)
Resolution12 dots/mm, 300 dpi
Compressed airNot necessary
Main optionsApparatus printed film
Infeed extension
Outlet conveyors
Special trays modules
Maximum speed: up to 35 ppm (wrap only)
Color touch-screen 15” TFT
Max. scale capacity: 6 kg
Min. pack size: 120 x 100 x 10 (L x W x H).
Max. pack size: 340 x 230 x 160* (L x W x H).
*(L x W x H - All 3 max. tray sizes cannot be achieved simultaneously)
Max label size: 104 mm (4 inches).
Film width: 280 mm (fascia unica).
Reel change time: 30".
Elixa 35 Libra, dettagli - Gruppo Fabbri Elixa 35 Libra, disegni tecnici - Gruppo Fabbri Elixa 35 Libra, dettagli - Gruppo Fabbri