Integrated solutions

and accessories

The packaging lines offered by Gruppo Fabbri, thanks to the high level of competence acquired in over 40 years of activity by the production branch CAVECO, increase their production plants with further automation systems and accessories to offer customers a highly customized system.

Storage tank TR/200-400-650

TR/200-400-650 is a storage tank for liquid and semi-liquid products, designed to feed the dispensers through a pump, with maximum preservation of the product. When equipped with the optional agitator-mixer, TR/200-400-600 preserves the product in a homogeneous solution. The desired temperature can be maintained by means of a cavity in the wall (optional).

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Conveyor belts

Our conveyor belts, or diverter belts, can be used to separate products or containers coming from a single route into several routes or to join and align products coming from several routes.

They can also be modified according to customer requirements.

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Piston pump P500/PN-C

The P500/PN-C piston pump is the ideal accessory for moving liquid, semi-liquid and pasty products without altering them, for example from cooking pots to storage tanks.

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Complete set of cannelloni forming and lasagna cutting

We offer to cannelloni and lasagna producers a single device for the preparation of their product, including:

  • Sheet transport belt
  • In-line sheet cutting equipment
  • Extrusion dosing machine for fillings or doughs
  • Cannelloni moulder
  • Transversal cutter
  • Cannelloni calibrator or shaper
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LA/AB-4 is a small line including a feeding belt, a cutting unit and a product collecting tank to automatically perform the following functions:

  • Organization according to can height
  • Jar infeed and cutting
  • Lid unloading
  • Jar emptying and unloading
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