Pasta and ready meals lines

Gruppo Fabbri supplies automatic lines under the CAVECO brand for the packaging of fresh pasta and ready meals in heat-sealed trays with MAP packaging technology.

Fresh pasta is normally a difficult food to handle, both for portioning in trays and for the creation of the most suitable atmosphere for its packaging, but, thanks to our experience in the sector, we have succeeded creating an excellent line both for the packaging of fresh pasta and for the packaging of ready meals, such as pasta with sauces.

In this case, the dosing of pasta can be followed by different dispensers, each with the right features to manage the type of sauce required (thick, liquid with solid parts etc.) and the toppings (grated cheese, grits etc.).

Solution designed at the CAVECO production plant of our group consisting of:

We are also able to complete the packaging line for pasta and ready meals with the most classic end-of-line components, such as weighing-pricing machine, labelling machine, etc. This type of line is easily adaptable to trays of different shapes (rectangular, oval…) and to all the most up-to-date ecological packaging materials.

The long feeding section allows the installation of dosers dedicated to a single ingredient (meat sauce, sauces, cream, cheese…). The advantage of an automatic line is that it allows to optimize the number of dedicated operators, while a production line composed of the tray-sealer alone would necessarily use more people per shift to achieve the same productivity.

To complete the offer, Gruppo Fabbri also provides barrier films for tray-sealing or MAP packaging, assistance during the installation phase, both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service and spare parts.

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