The structure in AISI304 inox steel and aluminum and the “step-by-step” advancement system make the Dedra series perfect for every type of sector, even the most demanding ones, such as the dairy and fish industries.

Dedra 45 and Dedra 70 are able to pack in protective atmosphere (ATP/MAP) and in skin food products such as meat, fish, dairy products, complete meals, gastronomic products, etc., using reels of heat-sealing film and suitable trays.

The electronic system is protected from water and humidity according to IP65 standards, while the machine’s operating phases are checked by control devices.

They also mount two moulds of the same format, which can work together for higher productivity or separately in case of maintenance. And when changing moulds, operations are very quick and easy to use.

The management and control of the machine are managed by the operator by 10″ touch-screen.

Thanks to its PLC and HMI programmed directly by our technicians specialized in the customization of digital devices, the Dedra series allows to memorize the working parameters of different productions offering the maximum flexibility of use of its category.

These tray-sealers express their maximum potential by interacting also with other elements (automatic dosers, multi-head weighers, automatic loading systems…), many of which are supplied by Gruppo Fabbri through the CAVECO brand (visit the sections Accessories and Complete Lines).

Try Dedra in MAP packaging or only sealing with the following Fabbri Group films:

Pelid 22

Pelid 37

Pelid 45