PELid 37

Pelid 37 is the mono-oriented co-extruded barrier film that maximizes the protection and appeal of products packaged in MAP. It is a film with excellent mechanical performance, which is used for top seal welding applications on barrier trays for the packaging of products in a protective atmosphere, such as red meat, white meat, sausages, fish, cheese, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruit and vegetables, with special mechanical resistance to handling and drilling.

Pelid 37 retains excellent optical properties on the package therefore ensures ideal performance in terms of transparency, brilliance and anti fog effect: these characteristics are crucial for the sale of food as they allow the consumer a perfect vision of the product packaged in its full freshness, pushing him to purchase.

The film is available in two versions, with 2 different sealing layers, so that it can be applied to all trays on the market for the protective atmosphere in PE or PP. In both cases it has a high performance in terms of weldability, even with contaminants in the sealing area.

Main features

Ideal thickness

Pelid 37 offers the right compromise between thickness (37 microns) and optical properties, keeping the environmental impact of production low.

Barrier properties

Pelid 37 is perfect for packaging fresh products in a protective atmosphere, thanks to the presence of the EVOH layer that provides gas barrier performance.

Sealing guaranteed.

Pelid 37 is available with PE sealant and PP sealant, ideal for packaging with the most popular barrier trays on the market. Both versions allow a "leak proof" sealing and an excellent welding on the trays.

Ideal for fighting food waste

Pelid 37 excellently preserves and protects red meats, white meats, fish, cheeses, baked goods, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruits and vegetables

Brilliance, transparency and excellent anti-condensation properties.

Pelid 37 guarantees an optimal presentation of the packaged product throughout its shelf life.

Mechanical endurance

The particular production process makes the film resistant to manipulation and perforation, with consequent logistic advantages and durability of the packaging at the point of sale.


Pelid 37 allows you to maximize the performance of the machine, while optimizing the performance of the film. The ideal combination is on the tray-sealing machines produced by Fabbri Group of the CAVECO, Toplid and XPEED families, widely used in packaging centres and in the lines of food industry processors. However, it ensures optimal packaging even on the other popular tray-sealers on the market.

Wide range of solutions

Pelid 37 is available in different coil widths to best meet all customer needs.

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