PELid 22 AD

Pelid 22 AD is the coextruded high barrier film mono-oriented with one of the lowest thicknesses currently on the market, highly performing in terms of product life and packaging aesthetics. Furthermore, its reduced thickness makes it possible to limit its environmental impact.Pelid 22 AD is a film with excellent mechanical performance used for “top-seal” welding applications on the most popular barrier trays on the market.

Given its high barrier characteristics, this film is designed for the packaging in a protective atmosphere (MAP) of products that require a long shelf-life, such as cured meats, processed meats, stuffed pasta, pizza, sandwiches, in addition to other foods normally packaged with this type of technology.

Pelid 22 AD boasts excellent performance in terms of optical properties of transparency, brilliance and antifog effect. These features allow the consumer a perfect view of the packaged product, pushing it to purchase and avoiding risks of unsold.

The film is available with polyethylene (PE) sealant, so that it can be applied to all trays on the market for packaging in a protective atmosphere. Its weldability is guaranteed and is perfect even with contaminants in the sealing area. Pelid 22 AD also has a high mechanical strength, which makes it particularly resistant to handling and drilling.

Low Thickness

Only 25 microns thick for minimal environmental impact.

Barrier property

Pelid 22 AD is perfect for packaging fresh products in a protective atmosphere, thanks to the presence of the EVOH layer that provides gas barrier performance.


Pelid 22 AD is available with PE sealing layer, presenting a high performance in terms of weldability, even with contaminants in the sealing area. It also has a high mechanical strength, which makes it particularly resistant to handling and drilling.

Perfect for extending the shelf life of packaged products

Pelid 22 AD excellently preserves and protects red meat, white meat, fish, cheese, baked foods, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruit and vegetables packaged in MAP.

Brilliance, transparency and excellent anti-condensate properties

Pelid 22 AD guarantees an optimal presentation of the packaged product throughout the shelf-life.

Mechanical resistance

The particular production process gives the film high mechanical characteristics. The packages are therefore particularly resistant to handling and perforation and stackable on each other without compromising the aesthetics of the package.


The production characteristics of Pelid 22 allow to maximize the packaging performance of the machine and to optimize the film yield. The perfect combination is with the automatic tray-sealing machines produced by Fabbri Group of the CAVECO, Toplid and XPEED families, which are widespread in packaging centres and in the industrial lines of food industry transformers. However, it guarantees optimal packaging even on the most common tray-sealers on the market.

Wide range of solutions

Pelid 22 AD is available with a thickness of 25 microns and in different bands, from 210 to 600 mm.

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