Parc Expo Rennes (France)
Stand “Fabbri Group France” 10-A52

Fabbri Group France will be the main attraction at CFIA Rennes 2024.

Visit us in the heart of France leading food processing region during one of the most important trade fairs in the food industry!

We ill feature presentations and non-stop demos on the following products:

  • PREMIÈRE – TRIOplus The compact, automatic tray-sealer, which packs up to 3 different formats without the need for a tool change. Flexibility, hygiene, safety and ease-of-use characterise TRIOplus, which works with trays and skinpads in all the most sustainable materials on the market.
  • PREMIÈRE – ELIXA SPC 21 This “Fabbri” packaging machine, developed in new cooperation with Bizerba, provides an automatic solution including weighing, pricing, packaging, and labeling processes. It will be offered on a global scale, together with high-quality packaging materials and a comprehensive technical support and spare parts service through a single supplier.
  • AUTOMAC DUAL Industrial stretch wrapping machine, compatible with trays, labels, and films in any material (traditional, biobased, compostable), adapting production to any requirement with extreme flexibility and no additional costs or downtimes.
  • YPSILON Compact automatic tray-sealer specially set up for the packaging of different sorts of products
  • FABBRI STRETCH & MAP FILMS Fabbri Group’s wide range of stretch and barrier films (traditional, biobased, and compostable), available in plain or printed form according to different applications, are widely used by packaging centers, industry, brand owners, and retailers for fresh food packaging at optimized thicknesses per application.

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