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Like all the wrapping machines in the FABBRI HYBRID series, Automac Dual introduces a new standard of features and performance to the sector, in terms of: Trays, Film, Performance and Connectivity.
Automac Dual can in fact use trays and stretch film of any type (PVC-based, PE-based, bio-based and compostable film); it is also equipped with devices to obtain the best in terms of winding quality, production speed, timing and format changeover mode.
Automac Dual has been designed according to INDUSTRY 4.0 requirements and can therefore be connected to factory ERP and MES systems.

The new Fabbri Hybrid range (Automac Dual, Automac Industrial, Automac Ultra) guarantees perfect packaging of fresh and very fresh products with any type of tray (recyclable plastic, bioplastic, cardboard, balsa wood, cellulose pulp, etc.), neutral or printed stretch film (traditional, biobased, compostable) and labelling machine that handles compostable labels.
From now on, adopting a fully compostable packaging or alternating the materials used according to customer requirements will no longer be a problem: retailers and industrial packers will be able to maintain operations without interruption, without the need for technical adaptations and, above all, without additional costs.
Try Automac Dual in combination with Nature Fresh, the first compostable film for automatic packaging with certification of domestic and industrial compostability according to the EN 13432 Standard: you will be able to maintain operations without interruptions, without the need for technical adaptations and, above all, without additional costs.

Main features
Performance up to 40 packs per minuteThe speed of Automac Dual is configurable according to the type of product to be packed and the volumes to be produced. The machine can wrap up to 40 packs per minute.
3 layouts availableAutomac Dual is available in frontal (ZS), right-hand product outlet (XR) and left-hand product outlet (XL) configurations, adapting perfectly to the needs of any production environment.
Double reelThe double film reel promotes continuity in production, even with two different types of film.
Automatic carriageThe standard automatic carriage makes it possible to switch from one format to another quickly and thus have fewer production delays.
Side clampsThe lateral clamps hold the film in the longitudinal direction, obtaining a stretch on 4 sides and a better quality of the package.
Automatic adjustment of the upper pressThe automatic adjustment of the upper press positions itself at the height specified in the wrapping program without requiring operator intervention, again speeding up format changes.
Product exit controlThe product exit control stops the machine in case of trays accumulation on the downstream line, improving the overall efficiency of the line.
Touch-screen 10"The intuitive interface of the 10" touch screen monitor allows the browsing in the machine menu for viewing and setting the wrapping parameters and recalling or saving the wrapping programs. The parameters, production reports and programs are also connectable to factory ERP and MES systems: the machine is set up for the application of the requirements of INDUSTRY 4.0.
Devices connectionAutomac Dual exchanges signals with the rest of the machines on the line, and also provides the input for connection to the local LAN.
Self-diagnostic propertiesThanks to sophisticated self-diagnostic properties, Automac Dual can offer continuous production with minimal interruptions.
Electric Panel IP54The IP54 electrical panel improves the machine's resistance to wet working environments.
Compatible with all types of trays and filmsAutomac Dual guarantees the perfect packaging of all fresh products with any type of tray (plastic, bioplastic, cardboard, wood pulp, etc.) and stretch film in both neutral and printed formats (PVC-based, PE-based, bio-based, compostable).
Improved performances with printed filmsThrough the use of printed film, Automac Dual enhances the appearance and quality of food.
Fabbri's designers are available for advice and to create the most effective layout according to the communication and branding objectives of the customers.
Resistant materials and easy accessMade of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic, Automac Dual provides easy access to internal parts for thorough cleaning and easy maintenance.
Small footprintThe chassis of Automac Dual occupies approximately 1.5 m2 (6 feet), allowing easy insertion of the machine and optimisation of production space.
Easily installed in-lineAutomac Dual's robustness, reliability, flexibility and ease of integration make it the ideal machine for high productivity. The machine's infeed is designed to dose the irregular arrival of trays and therefore to be inserted into the line without the aid of cadencing belts.
Optimal performance-consumption ratioIf there is no product, the machine stops and waits, drastically reducing consumption and wear.
Compressed air not requiredAll machine drives are electric: compressed air is not required and there is no compressor on board the machine.
Extended in-feed conveyors
Different kinds of exit conveyors
Photocell for printed film
Elevator for big trays
Automatic scale kit
Other optionals on request
Configurations available.
Operator panel 10"
Optional features.
Wrapping programmes.
Max. speed 40 packs/min.
Seconds for reel change.
Min. reel width.
Max. reel width.
Automac Dual - Gruppo Fabbri Automac Dual - Gruppo Fabbri