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Automac 75 and Automac 95 are Gruppo Fabbri's answer to the increasingly pressing demands for increase in performance from packaging centres and industrial production lines. Evolution in technical, functional and aesthetic terms, of Automac 55 Più, with the same footprint they increase performance in terms of strength, durability and reliability, maintaining flexibility in the format change and raising the maximum speed of packaging up to 75 or 90 packs per minute respectively.
The new touch-screen monitor, furthermore, allows you interacting with the machines quickly and easily, facilitating packing and maintenance operations.
  The sleek, elegant lines of Automac 75 and Automac 95, made entirely of stainless steel and aluminium, cover an advanced film unwinding and tensioning system, designed to ensure a perfect print centring and a smooth and fast packaging process.
Designed with attention to details and the needs of the operator, Automac 75 and Automac 95 position themselves at the top of currently in force safety standards and offer a comfortable and protected work area.
Automac 75 and Automac 95 comply with the Community Directive 2006/42/EC, as attested by the independent certifying body MTIC INTERCERT.

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Caratteristiche principali
Fast and fasterBoth high-speed automatic stretch machines, Automac 75 and Automac 95 differ first of all in production performance: while Automac 75 reaches 75 ppm, Automac 95 offers discerning clients a maximum speed of 90 ppm. These parameters are adjustable according to the specific requirements of production.
Brilliant!Automac 75 and Automac 95 are entirely built of stainless steel and aluminium: sturdy, durable... and beautiful too!
Always perfectly in lineAutomac 75 and Automac 95 can be equipped with supply extensions, outfeed conveyors, photocells and connecions aimed at better integration in line with other machinery, both inbound and outbound.
Plug ‘n’ PackAutomac 75 and Automac 95 are powered by 400 V with no need for compressed air: easy to connect, quiet to use.
Practical, functional, hygienicPeriodic cleaning and regular maintenance of Automac 75 and Automac 95 are appreciably facilitated by 8access points to the internal parts of the machine, such as, in particular, the sliding casing above the conveyor belt, useful for a timely removal of the product, the ejector, the lifter, quickly removable and washable by themselves, and the gullwing opening safety-guards that is particularly appreciated even in cases where the available space is reduced. Under the lift, furthermore, there is nothing: this ensures the maintenance of perfect hygiene in production and facilitates extremely the cleaning operations.
Film, trays, products... No problem!Thanks to the many dedicated optional devices Automac 75 and Automac 95 can ensure the perfect wrapping of any tray, regardless of shape, size or material, and the type of film used, plain or printed. Specifically, the upper self-adjusting ejector allows maintaining a high packaging speed even in the presence of high trays (up to 200 mm with Automac 75!) or with the product overflowing.
Non-stop productionWith only 45" required for the reel change, Automac 75 and Automac 95 promise an almost constant production rate. The optional support for a second reel, moreover, can further reduce this time bringing it under 30".
Everything under controlThanks to the new control panel with touch-screen monitor, Automac 75 and Automac 95 offer up to 29 different editable programs for wrapping, to meet the production needs of each client. The integrated diagnostic system, furthermore, lets you quickly find and fix any faults.
Vivid colours, flawless packagingAnyone willing to exploit the communication potentialities of packaging finds in Automac 75 and Automac 95 two excellent solutions. Automac 75 and Automac 95 are able to work at high-speed even with printed films, thus reuniting branding and efficiency in just one manufacturing process.
Thanks to the brilliant combination of printedstretch films of Gruppo Fabbri, a new film unwinding and tensioning system and the sealing belt on output tray, designed to optimize film welding without overheating, Automac 75 and Automac 95 produce always perfect packages, where the freshness of the product, held firmly in place on the tray, shines through and is exploited in the best possible way.
Automac: A Class!In the absence of products to be packaged, Automac 75 and Automac 95 automatically switch to stand-by mode: this drastically reduces power consumption and mechanical wear, prolonging the life cycle of the machine.
Definitely reliableAutomac 75 and Automac 95 have been designed in compliance with the strictest safety regulations: accessing internal parts is regulated by the machine inspection safety guards microswitches, which block the operation if opened. The rounded design and the lack of sharp edges minimise the consequences of accidental impact.
Extended in-feed conveyor up to 6 m
Anti-static in line roller exit conveyor
Photocell for client belt and product exit control
Automatic movement of the carriage
Photocell for printed film centering
Support for second reel
America lifter
Side film clamp device
90° or 180° right or left exit conveyor
Remote assistance
Other optional features upon request
Maximum speed: up to 90 packages per minute for Automac 95 (75 ppm for Automac 75).
Min tray format (L x W x H mm). With A lifter 180x180x10
Max tray format (L x W x H mm). With A lifter 260x400x200 (Automac 75), 260x400x90 (Automac 95)*
*It is not possible to achieve the three maximum dimensions of the tray at the same time.
Min tray format (L x W x H mm). With E lifter 120x120x10
Max tray format (L x W x H mm). With E lifter 230x320x160 (Automac 75), 230x320x90 (Automac 95)*
*It is not possible to achieve the three maximum dimensions of the tray at the same time.
Max wrappable weight: 6 kg
Min reel width
Max reel width
Wrapping programmes available
Reelchange time: 45".
Supply voltage: 208-230-400 V three-phase
Machine weight: 750 kg
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