Xpeed 3

XPEED 3 is the most advanced model among the tray-sealing machines of  “XPEED” range, able to reach the highest productivity in the packaging of fresh and very fresh food with trays and lid films.

Automatic and compact traysealer, XPEED 3 is the perfect answer for packaging on medium-high production automatic lines, with advantages in tray feeding, gas consumption, flexibility and format change.

The performance of this machine is provided by its feeding system, both double row and single row, make XPEED 3 unique in its kind.

In particular, this machine is able to pack in vacuum-gas for medium and long lasting protective atmosphere with minimum residual oxygen levels, in gas-flushing, in skin, with overflowing product, in eco-gas, with overflowing product and in sealing only.

XPEED 3 is made entirely of inox steel and aluminum alloys to ensure the highest robustness even in harsh working environments.

XPEED 3 is made in line with EU Directive 2006/42/EC, as attested by the independent certification body MTIC INTERCERT, voluntarily involved by Gruppo Fabbri in order to ensure with maximum transparency the safety of its machines.

Top productivity for applications

With the XPEED 3, high speeds can be achieved depending on the type of packaging set up: for example, up to 10 cycles per minute in vacuum-gas mode and up to 12 cycles per minute in seal-only mode. At maximum speed, the tray-sealing machine can produce up to 144 packs per minute.

Strength and durability

To ensure maximum durability and reliability of the machine, XPEED 3 has been built in inox steel and aluminum alloys reserved for fast moving parts. All electrical and electronic equipment is positioned away from the floor and operating areas; wiring runs inside structural tubing, safe from accidental impacts and washing.

Gas patent -50%

Thanks to the special eco-gas punching tool patented by Gruppo Fabbri, XPEED 3 is able to reduce gas consumption by 50% compared to the best tray-sealing machines on the market in the same category. This saving is evident from the first use.

Easy use and cleaning

In XPEED 3 the machine surfaces are flat so as to reduce the possibility of dirt, dust, liquids and production residues accumulating in discontinuous areas. The work surface is suitable for IP65 washdown. The XPEED 3 provides the operator with complete access to the machine's inlet and outlet. In addition, the machine's small footprint (1.5 m2 floor footprint) allows the operator to easily access the work area and perform cleaning tasks.

Change format in 10 minutes

With XPEED 3, the format change takes about 10 minutes and can be done in total safety.
In addition, the absence of preheating and liquid cooling stations results in a reduction in the waiting time normally required for resumption of production and lower power consumption, without the need for any costly plant interventions.

Highly accessible

In XPEED 3 all the main working areas, from the mould to the upper electrical cabinet, from the power supply to the pneumatic parts, are easily reachable for the operator: the tray-sealing machine has been entirely designed with particular attention to the packaging area, both for its free dimensions and for the minimization of protruding parts.

Perfect for in-line productions

XPEED 3 is manufactured in two variants: right or left.
Depending on the customer's needs, the XPEED 3 can work with single-row and double-row molds, maximizing packaging performance in both cases.
The double-row XPEED 3 can be quickly converted to single-row, requiring the same amount of time as a format changeover.

Perfect sealing with all kind of films

XPEED 3 can be used with all the main films in the sector, offering excellent sealing even at maximum speeds and maintaining high safety standards.
For heat-sealing and protective atmosphere packaging, the XPEED 3 traysealer achieves the best performances with Gruppo Fabbri's "PELid'' range of films, produced in different types, each with its own characteristics and specificities (PELid 22, PELid 22 AD, PELid 37, PELid 37 AD, PELid 45). For tray-sealing and protective atmosphere packaging, the XPEED 1 traysealer achieves the best performances with Gruppo Fabbri's "PELid'' range of films, produced in different types, each with its own characteristics and specificities (PELid 22, PELid 22 AD, PELid 37, PELid 37 AD, PELid 45).


XPEED 3 is perfect for various packaging modes: vacuum-gas, gas flushing, eco-gas, sealing only, outside cut, inside cut, skin with trays or skinpad supports in cardboard or other material, overflowing product, easy opening.

One mould for different heights

XPEED 3 can handle packages with different heights (from 20 mm to 120 mm), but with the same base thanks to the innovative tray transport program patented by Gruppo Fabbri.

A customized tray-sealing

In line with all the packaging machines designed by Gruppo Fabbri, XPEED 3 can be customized according to the customer's requests, while maintaining the highest operational performance and thus obtaining a unique traysealer at the best possible price.

One solution for many materials

XPEED 3 can use all trays intended for tray-sealers, from traditional trays to the most current sustainable alternatives on the market today.

Pelid 22

PELid 22 is a co-extruded, low thickness PE or PP sealant monoextruded barrier film for packaging products in a protective atmosphere (meat, fish, cheese, ready meals, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

Pelid 37

PELid 37 is the co-extruded, single-folded barrier film with PE or PP sealant for food packaging in a protective atmosphere, also suitable for use on thermoforming machines (top).

PELid 45

PELid 45 is the coextruded, PE-sealable barrier film ideal for packaging products in a protective atmosphere, such as red meat, white meat, sausages, fish, cheese, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruit and vegetables.

PELid 22 AD

PELid 22 AD is the high-barrier film with a co-extruded EVOH layer single-layer PE sealant.

PELid 37 AD

PELid 37 AD is the high-barrier film with EVOH layer, coextruded with PE sealant. It is also suitable for thermoforming packaging (top).