PEXY, Film - Gruppo Fabbri


PEXY is a polyolefin-based stretch film containing polyethylene polymers, ideal for use in the packaging of fresh foods, including products with a high fat content. It shows its highest potential with automatic wrapping machines, especially those from the Elixa series produced by Gruppo Fabbri. The underlying stretch technology of the latter allows for the optimisation of the consumption of film. The use of reduced amounts of material than the standard results in reduced environmental impact, as well as reduced packaging costs.
Pexy has obtained from the Dual System Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmBh, through its “Made For Recycling” evaluation method validated by the Fraunhofer IVV Institute and tests carried out at the Maribor* laboratory – a reference on the international scene – evidence of recyclability with the maximum score envisaged by the method itself.
* The centre of competence for plastics recycling of environmental services provider Interseroh in Maribor, Slovenia.

Main characteristics
Glossy.It emphasizes product freshness.
Preservation of organoleptic qualities. Safety and longer preservation of food.
Greater permeability.With a gas permeability up to five times higher than that of similar films, PEXY allows for better food preservation.
Flexibility of use.PEXY can be used both on industrial and retail wrapping machines. Optimized results on Fabbri Group Elixa wrappers.
Sustainability.Optimisation of material consumption due to its technical features.
Inner reel core 111 mm, 76 mm option.
Min width 210 mm.
Max width 600 mm.
Min length 1000 m.
Max length 1500 m.