PEX, Film - Gruppo Fabbri


PEX is polyolefin-based stretch film or asymmetrical multilayer film containing styrene and polyethylene polymers, ideal for use in the packaging of fresh foods, including products with a high fat content. It shows its highest potential with automatic wrapping machines, especially from the Elixa series produced by Gruppo Fabbri. The underlying technology of the latter allows for the optimisation of the consumption of material, using its stretching quality. The use of reduced amounts of material than standard results in reduced environmental impact, as well as reduced packaging costs.

Main characteristics
Brightness of the material.Remarkable enhancement in product freshness.
The preservation of organoleptic qualities. Safety and longer preservation of food.
Increased permeability.The PEX film enables greater "breathing" (compared to the most popular polyethylene films in the market) of the product, limiting the formation of bacterial agents.
Increased Shelf-life.With a permeability up to five times higher than the most popular polyethylene films on the market, PEX allows for better food preservation and an extended shelf life.
Flexibility of use.Can be used both in industrial wrapping machines with reels from 300 to 550mm and in standard Elixa machines with reels from 210 to 280mm.
Reduced material consumption.Optimisation of material consumption thanks to stretch properties.
Wide range of solutions.The food film of Gruppo Fabbri has different formulations and thickness depending on the product it is to be used for.
Thickness 14μm min.
Thickness 18μm min.
Inner reel core 111 mm, 76 mm option.
Min width 210mm.
Max width 650mm.
Max length 1500m.