Pelid 22, Film - Gruppo Fabbri


Pelid 22 is the new mono-orientated co-extruded high barrier, PE or PP sealing layer film, the thinnest currently available on the market for packaging products in a protective atmosphere, such as red meat, white meat, sausages, fish, cheeses, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruits and vegetables. Glossy, anti-fog, resistant, highly workable: this is Pelid 22.

Main characteristics
Reduced thickness!A thickness of only 25 micron. Environmental impact reduced to a minimum.
Barrier property.PeLid22 is suitable for the packaging of fresh products in a protective atmosphere, thanks to the presence of the EVOH layer.
Two types of sealing.PeLid22 is available in a version with PE sealing and with PP sealing, ideal for packaging rigid and polystyrene trays. Both versions allow for a tight seal and excellent sealing of trays.
Ideal for the packaging of Fresh products.Red meat, white meat, fish, cheeses, baked goods, fresh pasta, ready meals, fruits and vegetables.
Excellent shine, transparency and anti-condensation.They guarantee optimum presentation of the packaged product throughout its shelf-life.
Mechanical Resistance.The manufacturing process makes the product particularly resistant to handling and perforation.
Machinability.The production characteristics of Pelid22 allow for machine performance to be maximised and film performance to be optimised.
The ideal combination is with automatic thermo-sealing machines produced by Gruppo Fabbri.The ideal use is with Fabbri thermo-sealing machines from the Xpeed and TOPLid family present in the industrial lines of transformers in the food industry. Use is also possible with a wide range of packaging machines available on the market.
Wide range of solutions.The material is also available with 45 and 60 microns of thickness, without EVOH, and with widths ranging from 210 to 600 mm.
Thickness 25μm.
Inner reel core 76mm.
Min width
Max width 550mm
Minimum length of 1200m, ideal for retail.
Maximum length of 1600m, ideal for the industry.